Saturday, March 04, 2006

A good crocus year

The cold suits crocuses - which don't generally thrive in my garden. This year, though, a Crocus tommasinianus popped up where I had never sown / planted one. Indeed attempts years ago to establish a drift of these elsewhere failed after a few years - but obviously they seeded.

The snowdrops are also great - and the normal rule - 'snowdrops are out so we will get a warm day soon to kill them off' hasn't applied !


I decided to visit Inkpen Crocus Field Reserve near Hungerford yesterday. Crocus vernus has been growing there since 1800, the leaflets say, but it is not thought to be a native.

Rather a long trek but worth it even if a little early this cold year (normally into March is getting late there).

And two others thought alike - including H Parsons, who had made a similar journey to mine and is a FloralImages user. He has been botanising for much longer than I have and is the discoverer of Ophrys apifera var Friburgensis in the Gordano valley. This is featured with his photograph in the Bristol Region Flora.