Friday, May 20, 2005


It's always nice to stumble on something when least expecting it. Reports of this on a roadside have had be driving slowly along said stretch at intervals all this spring but not a sign. In fact all the indications that someone has replaced them with 'lovely' daffodil mutants...

But a walk in Berrow dunes (quite a short one and far too much golf being played to really explore...) yielded this among six other true native not yet captured for FloralImages.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

And not forgetting Cheddar Wood

I had to get a permit for this. Not great numbers of rare plants but one absolute gem that is a speciality of Mendip woodland (Purple Gromwell) and just a great place to spend a day looking and enjoying the fantastic atmosphere and swaths of Wild Garlic, Euphorbia and much more.

It's one of our best preserved "ancient woodlands" - not untouched by man at all - but not interfered with since the modern mechanised era dawned. In fact it was regularly coppiced up until 1017 it is thought.

Permit required - it's a Somerset Wildlife Trust reserve.

The busy time is here, Honewort

Had to find this - I've read so much about it and it's local to here and South Devon (only) in the UK.

Amazing little plant - quite the most interesting Umbellifer I have found so far !

Turns out it must almost certainly have grown where my house is - before the Victorian tennis court that pre-dated development.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


It's just nice to be out somewhere like this at this time of year. Nothing spectacular found by me but a very varied flora already - but mostly vegetative as yet, of course.