Sunday, June 19, 2016

A quick catch up

It's not that we haven't been botanising - but I have not found time to post since the weather came good! Here is a brief summary of recent Brecknock Botany:

We've been finding plenty of this this year. As with most annuals there is a variation in abundance from year to year and this seems to be a good one:
Changing Forget-me-not, Sgorpionllys amryliw or Myosotis discolor

Seen on a farm above Hay and on the Epynt among other places.

And what seems to be a new record for the 10km square on Epynt was this little easily-overlooked gem:
Slender Trefoil, Meillionen hopysaidd eiddil or Trifolium micranthum

I saw this in a hedgerow near Sarnau:
Sherard's Downy-rose, Rhosyn Sherard or Rosa sherardii

And we were taken by the showy capsules of Marsh Marigold on the farm aboive Hay:
Marsh-marigold, Gold y gors or Caltha palustris - fruits both opened and closed

Some pictures from Sue's camera from the meadows near Hay:

And finally - nothing to do with Brecknock wild plants - I sowed seed of this South African plant over 10 years ago and it has finally flowered:
Angel's Fishing Rod in this case Dierama luteoalbidum (Family: Iridaceae)

I like Angel's Fishing Rods but wanted a non-purple species - this is it - allegedly rather frost tender for this country, but it survived an unheated greenhouse in Hay over the last eight years (outside in the summer).