Saturday, October 14, 2017

A walk along the Wye

We got permission to explore some of the Wye bank near Llyswen yesterday and found several interesting and not-often-recorded species there and also on the field edges nearby.

 Photographing Pale Toadflax by the Wye
Pale Toadflax, Llin-y-llyffant gwelw or Linaria repens
The map of recent records for this in Brecknock is distinctly sparse so we were glad to spot it.

There aren't many more records for this either - but we should probably look on more arable field edges!
Field Pansy, Trilliw'r tir âr or Viola arvensis

Common Ramping-fumitory, Mwg-y-ddaear amrywiol or Fumaria muralis amongst Beet

We saw this all along the river:
Marsh Ragwort, Creulys y gors or Senecio aquaticus

Bracket fungi (very old) on a very cracked Crack-willow

Thanks to Sue for most of the photos

Thursday, October 05, 2017

A new site for Rough Horsetail

In May we went to Cwm Sere and almost missed a new site for Equisetum hyemale or Rough Horsetail (also sometimes known and Dutch Rush or Scouring Rush). In fact it was only because Alan, who was with us then, took a sample of what I had too readily dismissed as Water Horsetail that it came to my notice.

So a group of us went back yesterday to pinpoint the site and take some photographs.

There are only two other known sites for this Horsetail in the county.

The site:
The Nant Sere in National Trust owned woodland with Rough Horsetail growing from about where the photo was taken up to where Anne is photographing it above

Rough Horsetail, Marchrawnen y gaeaf or Equisetum hyemale

A few had fertile cones

The stems have characteristic banded "leaf-sheaths"

You can see here why it is "Rough" Horsetail

And I should include a picture of Alan's specimen from May that alerted me to my blunder!

Thanks, Sue, for this picture!