Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Reserve

My attempt to visit all Breconshire Reserves has been on hold but I went to Llandefaelog Wood yesterday. As with many of the reserves I have visited in autumn / sinter this was immediately one I put on my "must visit later in the year" list. (Quite soon judging from the Daffodils' state of growth.) The daffodils are billed as native so I will have a go at them before I consult the older records !

I'm always a sucker for Hazel "blossom" so took out the macro equipment for this:

Corylus avellana female flower

I spent most of my time though trying out my "trees in winter" skills after the excellent course in Shrewsbury a couple of weeks back. It certainly helped.

Friday, February 08, 2013

An Easy Flora

Not much to blog about this week (or last) although my trawl through the historical records for Breconshire continues. But my "grate frend*" John Clark had been travelling again and managed to photograph the entire vascular plant flora for a continent:
Colobanthus quitensis and Deschampsia antarctica on the Antarctic Peninsula 13th January 3013

See more pictures of them at the FloralImages recent additions page.

Apt that one is a monocot and the other an (eu-)dicot...

(And also I have some good guest images of Primula Elatior now - thanks to Ken Southall. See Primula Elatior at FloralImages.)

* Readers of Molesworth books will understand. Not sure which of us was Peason.