Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Another Summary

A round up for the last month. The end of August saw us exploring a small valley above Talybont on Usk and we came across this.
Bifid Hemp-nettle, Y benboeth hollt or Galeopsis bifida

You have to look at the flowers carefully when you find Hemp-nettle as every now and then it is this slightly smaller-flowered species with different marking and a small notch at the bottom of the flower. (When the plant isn't flowering it has to be recorded as one of the two species.)

We only seem to see this on road verges - or gardens as a weed. I spotted these driving from Brecon to Hay near Felin Fach. Only just in time to catch before the major verge-mowing.
Wild Carrot, Moronen or Daucus carota subsp. carota
The fruiting head always wraps itself up like this.

Steph confirmed this species that we had seen earlier in the year at Dolymynach reservoir (Elan Valley).
Floating Bur-reed, Cleddlys arnofiol or Sparganium angustifolium

And this was reported very near where I live in hay in a car park - not a common casual in Brecknock.
Apple-of-Peru, Afal Periw or Nicandra physalodes

Even more unlikely but firmly established as a casual alien was this, which isn't even in our standard (UK) books, but Andy, the rare plant expert, knew what it was. Found near Builth.
Fewflower Jacob's-ladder, Ychydig Blodyn Ysgol Jacob or Polemonium pauciflorum

Steph did some exploration of the moorland near the Elan reservoirs and found this gem in damp ground.
Ivy-leaved Bellflower, Clychlys dail eiddew or Wahlenbergia hederacea

The peat in the area was rather eroded though. Hopefully restoration work is to come.

And Anne did the BIS "previously unrecorded" square, finding the end stage of this:
Broad-leaved Helleborine, Y galdrist lydanddail or Epipactis helleborine

On a day I was unable to accompany my faithful team they carried on regardless and explored on the Epynt in hi-vis mode.

And finally last week we were in lanes and paths near Llanbedr in the south east of the county finding several interesting species including this that we don't see at all often:
Long-stalked Crane's-bill, Pig-yr-aran hirgoes or Geranium columbinum