Monday, April 18, 2016

A well-managed wood

It was still cold but pleasant conditions otherwise for the first Saturday outing of the group this year. Held Wood near Brecon is open access although private and is noted for sympathetic management. The trees planted are "high value" such as Douglas Fir and Red Cedar. We also found, near where the cars were parked and outside the estate proper a stand of Coastal Redwoods which is, I think, very unusual for Brecknock. (See them here in a well-known plantation near Welshpool.)

So unusual in fact that I am glad Tony took a sample as well as me - he spotted what they must be, with myself taking a wrong turning early in the key and not back-tracking far enough when I realised I had to start again!

The group tree-gazing near the lunch spot.

Hairy Wood-rush, Coedfrwynen flewog or Luzula pilosa

Ramsons, Craf y geifr or Allium ursinum

Marsh-marigold, Gold y gors or Caltha palustris

We like to find this whenwever we visit a Brecknock Woodland - and usually do.
Moschatel, Mwsglys or Adoxa moschatellina

Lunch near the location for our first Bellis perennis (Common Daisy) of the year...

Wood Anemone, Blodyn y gwynt or Anemone nemorosa

Unknown origin - not a native Brecknock plant but growing as if wild.
Spurge-laurel, Clust yr ewig or Daphne laureola

Certainly planted (nearer the house).
American Skunk-cabbage, Pidyn-y-gog Americanaidd or Lysichiton americanus

Returning past Flowering Currants and Gunnera ("Giant Rhubarb") near the entrance in lovely sunlit conditions.


A few days earlier, Steph Coates showed me this near the Brecon visitor centre. Likely to be flowering in a pavement near you now (certainly is in Hay).
Rue-leaved Saxifrage, Tormaen tribys or Saxifraga tridactylites

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