Sunday, October 21, 2018

Recent Highlights

I've been slow to update this recently so here is a mainly pictorial summary of the highlights from the last few months.
Wild Angelica, Llysiau’r angel or Angelica sylvestris from a wet woodland near Brecon.

Good hunting on the Epynt finding many plants not seen elsewhere in the 10km square.
Including this spotted very late in the season by Steph:
Flea Sedge or Carex pulicaris

And who knew what gems lay in wait alongside the apparently featureless road from the Beacons reservoir towards Penderyn. We need to explore in the middle of the year in future years.
Mossy Saxifrage and Hawkweeds on a ledge in an abandoned limestone quarry.

With great views as well...
Creeping Willow, Corhelygen or Salix repens high up above Aber flowering "out of time".

My break in Ireland

Sika Deer - common near Glengarriff in West Cork I am told (but still rarely seen).

Western Gorse, Eithinen fân or Ulex gallii which is common with us but seems to have much finer needles in West Cork.

And of course
Fuchsia, Ffiwsia or Fuchsia magellanica adorning the West Cork hedgerows.

Variegated Chestnut
I'm assuming this is a variety of Sweet Chestnut, Castanwydden bêr or Castanea sativa. In any case the warden we spoke to at the John F Kennedy Arboretum was very proud of this tree and wanted us especially to seek it out. The collection there is magnificent and this is very worthwhile place to visit in County Wexford. We have passed by for over 40 years! We also saw a Red Squirrel there.