Friday, August 18, 2017

The Cilieni Valley

Last Thursday while the army range was quite for graziers' week we went again to explore the Cilieni Valley. We saw a lot of plants and lichens and were grateful to have the company of Ray Woods who was able to tell us all about the things we hadn't seen before.

Sue took a lot of pictures and so did I - so I will let them largely speak for themselves:

Sand Spurrey, Troellig arfor coch or Spergularia rubra

Trailing St John's-wort, Eurinllys ymdaenol or Hypericum humifusum

Bristle Club-rush, Clwbfrwynen wrychog or Isolepis setacea

Usnea florida (? I think)

String-of-sausage lichen or Usnea articulata
(A rare lichen in Brecknock)

 Schedonorus giganteus, Peiswellt mawr or Giant Fescue

New Zealand Willowherb, Helyglys Seland Newydd or Epilobium brunnescens

This is what happens to a hedge in an area such this when it is left for years without attention!

And finally a gall that affects Oak Trees:
Artichoke Gall or Andricus foecundatrix

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