Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Just some squares near Tirabad

I noticed this area hadn't been recorded before so we set off to explore - it's actually getting quite close to our western border. The map showed forestry and farmland mixed and we ended up with a good long list of species after walking the roads, forestry tracks and farm lanes.

These pictures from Sue illustrate the variation you see in Common Hemp-nettle - which was abundant in the area.

Common Hemp-nettle,
Y benboeth
Galeopsis tetrahit

Generally we saw things that like wet places where you might not expect them - implying a very high rainfall for the area (which was backed up by more rain on the day than we felt the forecast had predicted). This is one I was photographing as it was an elegant specimen.
Y ganwraidd goesgoch
Persicaria maculosa

There was plenty of Water-pepper as well.

And in one of the forestry sections we saw several of these:
Fly Agaric
Amanita muscaria
There were large ones near the path and we could see them right into the depth of the wood that were "younger".

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