Saturday, August 12, 2017

Drygarn Fawr

Wednesday was a good day for an explore of this area which hasn't been recorded for some time. We hoped to find Bog Rosemary but didn't. However we came back down at the end of a long day with a good list for such high moorland. Much of it was hard going and we were glad to be guided very ably by Joe Daggett from the National Trust, which owns the land. It was also a boon to have a 380m start on the climb involved...

Nant Gewyn

In particular we found all the possible moorland [****]berries for the county (? I think ?): ie Cowberry, Crowberry, Cranberry and Bilberry. These are confusing enough names - except that the Latin ones are even worse...

Cowberry we saw quite soon after we started on a rocky outcrop but we were to see more including at the target peak.
Cowberry, Llusen goch or Vaccinium vitis-idaea

And Cranberry was soon spotted by eagle-eyed Steph and occurred in some abundance in many areas (including one that, on the map was meant to be a pool). Only a few places had berries though (and flowers were, of course, well over).
Cranberry, Llygaeren or Vaccinium oxycoccos

And here is Drygan Fawr (peak in the distance) with its two cairns
Once again thanks to Sue for many of the photographs.

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