Friday, May 24, 2013

Talybont reservoir and Brechfa

There were several of us at the far end of the reservoir for this botanical exploration and it was a great environment to spend a day in.

Once again - many eyes made for more records; we all learnt stuff we didn't know before and made a contribution to the development of this area as a local nature reserve.

I brushed up on my Sedges with a few I couldn't identify straight away such as Carex disticha, Brown Sedge.

This was Greater Tussock-sedge, Carex paniculata

Then on Thursday I met Phil Sutton of Brecon Wildlife Trust at Brechfa Pool for the setting up of a small cage for an experiment with restricting grazing on one of the rarer plants there. 

The damp grass around the pool was peppered with Blinks in flower - a delightful sight of an overlooked little plant.

Montia fontana subsp. chondrosperma (Blinks)

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