Friday, June 28, 2013

Assessing and recording

I joined Steph Coates of BWT on Tuesday to help assess two candidate RVNRs (Road Verge Nature reserves). Both were sites spotted last year where Giant Bellflower grows.

The first, near Llanigon, was where I photographed the Bellflowers mixed with Meadow Cranesbill:

But the second, nearer Felindre, proved to be the most diverse for other species, including Wood Melick and more:

Melica uniflora, Wood Melick

We will see what decisions are taken ! But this is an opportunity to plug the RVNR scheme. Adopting a verge is a great way to get into some botanical recording - do contact BWT if you would be interested. I can offer assistance as you get started - as can the Trust itself.

Allt Rhongyr

A great day recording at this new reserve yesterday - and eight of us turned out for a mostly dry and pleasant day. 127 species were recorded but I took no photographs (too busy recalling Latin names and recording them !) - so refer to the BWT Facebook page for the pictures. Many thanks to the others for telling me what was there as I noted them down.

Focus - stacking

See this picture on my website - I've been growing Foxglove in the garden since discovering this technique - you take several photographs each focussed a little further back along the flower and clever software knits it together so that all is in focus.

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