Friday, March 14, 2014

Out in the sun

No even informal outing this week but I have been chasing a tree and helping one of members of the Recording Group with her squares. At least I have managed to get out in a glorious week despite several indoor meetings.

The tree is one that I first noted on the horizon high up above the Wye in the view from our bedroom window several years ago. We cannot see the Wye itself (too much Hay in the way) but you can readily see where it is on some mornings from the snaking mist.

The tree is very prominent, if far, and obviously rather on its own on a some high ground which turned out to be Brechfa Common or thereabouts from examination of the map.

You can see the turrets of Maesllwch Castle below it...

What I found was a biggish Beech on the corner of two fields on the edge of the common - a little below the high point of the common between it and Hay. What seems remarkable to me is that a Beech in such an exposed location is so symmetrical and upright.

The tree with Pen y Fan visible to the left

It is near some pools higher up than the well-botanized Brechfa Pool but I am sure worthy of exploration later in the year. The tree turns out to be 7 miles away from our house. (And OK - in this view the tree has grown slightly in deference to the prevailing wind I think.)

The walk around Brecon next day was again in glorious weather and there was plenty to see already together with some more foliage that we agreed would need certain identification later in the year. Here are some of the things Joan and I saw - all near to the Usk in Brecon:

Alder catkins
A flowering currant
Crocus vernus
And Bristly Oxtongue, maybe - or Teasel others have suggested... Time will tell.

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