Sunday, May 18, 2014

A walk along the Llynfi

It was glorious weather for our outing last week and we recorded 130 different species altogether.

The Llynfi and a Poplar, hardly in leaf yet, with Mistletoe

The river is the outflow from Llangors Lake and flows into the Wye at Glasbury where we started from the church. (This is despite the next village along having the name "Aberllynfi" in Welsh. It also meant we started off in Radnorshire for botanical purposes.)

It was especially welcome to see as much Meadow Saxifrage as we did on species rich banks of the river bounded closely by barley and other crops. We only saw tiny patches of spray damage - so full marks to the farmers between Pipton and Pont Ithel.

Meadow Saxifrage, Tormaen y gweunydd, Saxifraga granulata on the river bank

There was Hemlock in profusion (and Comfrey even more so) nearer the Wye. Among the many Russian Comfrey plants we found an unmistakeable native Common Comfrey plant.

Hemlock, Cegiden, Conium maculatum

Russian Comfrey, Cyfardwf Rwsia, Symphytum x uplandicum or Symphytum officinale x asperum

An oak gall presumably at an early stage

Horse-radish, Rhuddygl poeth, Armoracia rusticana on the verge walking back to the cars (but still in Brecknockshire VC).

And here is a picture of us among Comfrey from Sue.

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