Sunday, June 08, 2014

Old Trees and Unspoilt Meadows

Last week we had special permission to explore Rheld Wood and the meadows within it giving a good haul of species.

Rheld Wood
We weren't long into this patch before one of my sharp-eyed helpers spotted Adoxa moschatellina despite it being well past flowering.

We marvelled at this huge Scot's Pine with foliage towering above the canopy.

The Sweet Chestnut at Millbrook Bridge (just outside the restricted area) was a marvel and well worth a visit if you are walking in the Crickhowell area:
The Sweet Chestnut, Castanwydden bêr or Castanea sativa at Millbrook Bridge

Maybe this picture of the trunk gives a better idea of its scale:
(It was good spot to lunch)

We also saw many Hornbeams
Hornbeam, Oestrwydden or Carpinus betulus

... and quite a few planted Large-Leaved Limes.

I didn't photograph any of the smaller herbs - but this large one caught our attention and was indicative of the lack of intervention by man:
Giant Hogweed, Efwr enfawr or Heracleum mantegazzianum

So a good day, as I said - here we are at the bridge:
 (Picture by Sue Goodhead)
 Walking through a meadow
and with a magnificent large Oak
With this bracket fungus at the base

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