Sunday, July 06, 2014

Grwyne Fechan

Tal-y-maes Bridge
This valley is really well worth a visit if you haven't already and I set out for my first time for me on Thursday in pretty much perfect weather to explore the botany there.

The bridge above is on McNamara's road, which the eponymous landowner apparently had built for better access to the house he had built for his mistress in the valley...

The walk took me through varied country so I saw a good variety of species with at least one that had not been recorded before.

Flush - with scattered Bog Pimpernel, Gwlyddyn-Mair y gors or Anagallis tenella

And this is for members of my recording group who probably feel they are always recording Veronica beccabunga without ever seeing flowers.

I don't often see Sambucus nigra, Elder as a real tree - in fact a tree book I had once disdained the species as "not a true tree".

On other days, apart from wading around in Brecfa Pool (helping control Crassula helmsii - New Zealand Pigmyweed or Corchwyn Seland Newydd), I was mostly photographing the lovely Orchids we are seeing in meadows around Brecknock this year:

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