Saturday, March 21, 2015

We climbed all over Craig y Rhiwarth and all we got was this *** Celandine

Well not quite - and it is a delightful Celandine:

Lesser Celandine or Llygad Ebrill, Ficaria verna (Was previously known as Ranunculus ficaria)

We were hoping to find Wood Spurge or Llaethlys y coed, Euphorbia amygdaloides which was last seen at this reserve in the 1980s but didn't find any. That doesn't prove it isn't there though and maybe we were a little early (but it is well developed in gardens now). This Brecknock Wildlife Trust Reserve is steep with lots of scree and boulders that are easily dislodged to imperil anyone below, so if you are thinking of having a look then do take care...

It was a lovely day though and we saw a lot else just beginning to grow but only the one Celandine was flowering on the sloes that we came across - there are many on the roadside verges now.

And we saw Whitlowgrass or Llysiau’r-bystwn, Erophila where we parked in Brecon to share cars which may just be Erophila glabrescens, Glabrous Whitlowgrass or Llysiau’r-bystwn llyfn - watch this space.

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