Friday, May 29, 2015

Vicarage Meadows

This reserve is just a lovely place to be in even if you don't find what you are looking for:

Bluebells still at their best here near Abergwesyn and peppering the open meadow.

Another woodland plant that enjoys this meadow: Wood Anemone, Blodyn y gwynt or Anemone nemorosa

And the first Heath Spotted-orchids, Tegeirian brych y rhos or Dactylorhiza maculata also dotted around.

But no sign yet of the Small White Orchid. We did think we had found some developing Butterfly and Fragrant Orchids though which will be giving a good display we hope by the time of the meeting there on 13th June.

Update 12th June

The meeting has had to be cancelled as it transpires the "Man versus Horse" event at Llanwyrtyd will make access very difficult. But the orchids are late anyway - as reported in the new blog post. (Previously they have been seen flowering on 5th June 2014 and 13th June 2013 - it's been a cold early Summer up at Abergwesyn.)

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