Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is a catch up - we have been busy!

A while back several of us gathered in the Grwyne Fechan Valley for unfinished business from last year. Mike and Chris would do the lane near the car and three of us set up along McNamara's Road to explore the upper valley.
Passing a Beet field with plenty of arable weed species
 Crossing the Grwyne Fechan at Tal y Maes Bridge 
We completed the exploration of the target squares started by myself last year and established that one of my imagined species from last year probably wasn't there after all...

My camera didn't come out of the bag so the pictures above are thanks to Sue. We got back to the cars all at roughly the same time, Mike had found many different Brambles amongst a long list and our circular tour had given us plenty to record.

Then two of us went back to restricted areas to complete the National Plant Monitoring Scheme work and look at a field for the landowners.

I don't like trying to identify Burdocks so this went into my records as uncertain:
Wood Burdock, Cyngaf bach or Arctium nemorosum; or is it?

We found substantial numbers of this again:
Mountain Pansy, Trilliw y mynydd or Viola lutea

It doesn't make the Brecknock Rare Plant Register - based on records made in the 1980s but it looks like it will stay off it going forward from recent results - good news.

Heather, Grug or Calluna vulgaris
- flourishing where all but the most adventurous sheep have been kept out.

And here is a Harebell - photographed solely because it was a photogenic specimen...
Harebell, Clychau’r eos or Campanula rotundifolia

Most recently I actually got physical at Allt Rhongyr BWT Nature Reserve, helping (a little) with Bracken slashing, and then went around the reserve finding Autumn Gentian Sites and taking these photographs which I think illustrate what a great reserve it is.

Autumn Gentian, Felwort, Crwynllys yr hydref or Gentianella amarella (picture taken in 2013)

Stop Press: these just in from Sue who was there last Saturday.

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