Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lanes around Hay

Last week we walked paths south of Hay that I haven't been on before, that took us past some old meadows and some rather more "improved" land. There was plenty to see, only some of which we photographed.

White Bryony was making it's way up the hedges rapidly aided by its spring-like tendrils.
White Bryony, Bloneg y ddaear or Bryonia dioica

We saw some later in an obviously very severely cut down hedge that was reaching into the air looking for former high supports - together with similarly expectant Honeysuckle.

Near Hay was a lovely field (mainly) of the third most common of our buttercups, easily recognised when you know how by the turned back sepals:
Bulbous Buttercup, Blodyn-ymenyn bondew or Ranunculus bulbosus

Quite near Hay we found a little population of Early Dog-violet on the slope above the Dulas Brook - flowering rather late I think in this delayed 2016 spring.
Early Dog-violet, or Viola reichenbachiana
(Photographed in April at Craig y Cilau)

Higher up we found Changing Forget-me-not among the rich collection of species in the meadows.
Changing Forget-me-not, Sgorpionllys amryliw or Myosotis discolor
(This picture also not from last week)

And later on this non-native but charming Speedwell.
Slender Speedwell, or Veronica filiformis

Sue took this as I was recording Wood Melick in a lane:
Wood Melick, Meligwellt y coed or Melica uniflora
Earlier in the week at Pwyll y Wrach I took this picture:
Bog Stitchwort, Serenllys y gors or Stellaria alsine. Was known as Stellaria uliginosa

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