Saturday, August 06, 2016

BSBI Welsh AGM part 2

A few more pictures have come in from the Field excursions in the mid-July BSBI get together in Brecon.

First Stanner Rocks

Where the Spiked Speedwell was magnificent. 
Spiked Speedwell, Rhwyddlwyn pigfain or Veronica spicata

And a real rarity - only found at Stanner in the UK
Perennial Knawel, Dinodd parhaol Maesyfed or Scleranthus perennis subsp. perennis

Cwm Cadlan - updated (thanks Stephen)

Andy Jones addressing the key features of Juncus x kernreichgeltii

Broad-leaved Cottongrass, Plu’r gweunydd llydanddail or Eriophorum latifolium (the less common one - habitat)
Where Marsh Helleborines were abundant
Marsh Helleborine, Caldrist y gors or Epipactis palustris

Next, the intrepid exploration of the cliffs below Cribyn and Pen y Fan
The way up

On the cliffs

Some of the special plants found up on the north slopes of the Fans
Spring Sandwort or Minuartia verna

Roseroot, Pren y ddannoedd or Sedum rosea

Sea Campion or Silene uniflora (a long way from the sea!)

And the recently named Hieracium attenboroughianum, Attenborough's Hawkweed being shown by it's discoverer, Tim Rich:

On the way down
Wilson's Filmy-fern, Rhedynach teneuwe Wilson or Hymenophyllum wilsonii

And the idyllic and remote Cwm Sere to explore on the way back.

Thanks go to all those who sent me pictures - Julian, Andy, Stephen, Emily and Polly

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