Monday, April 16, 2018

Setting a Challenge

Last week's outing was notable for finding Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage at a site not recorded for some time and this prompted me to set a challenge for members of our botany group to re-find it at sites in the six 10 km squares in Brecknock that so far have no 21st Century records for the plant.

But one of those squares being my home one, and the site where last seen (in 1982) only a short distance from home, I soon realised I had better take up my own challenge.

And I was successful... It was still in the 1km square recorded in 1982 and my hunch where to look paid off. A stream crossing the Offa's Dyke path did indeed have a population within sight of the path.

Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage, Eglyn bob yn eilddail or Chrysosplenium alternifolium

Of course this species is much easier to find while flowering and also I had my eye in from last week!

Five 10 km squares to go now!

And what was this just emerging on the way back?
White Bryony, Bloneg y ddaear or Bryonia dioica

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