Saturday, April 20, 2019

Get involved in botany, they said, it will be fun, they said. This was very steep!

It has to be my companion's tweet that titles this post! (see on Twitter)

The plan was for a nice "circular walk with only 200m of ascent" near Llanwrtyd Wells. Correct but not the whole story...

Not a lot of pictures which is a pity as we "got" 131 species and many were flowering.

This as we approached had me thinking "Carex montana ?" But it's clearly not and can only be young Carex nigra I think...
Lunch occurred when we found a nice patch of unusual Violets.
Viola x intersita or Viola riviniana x canina?
We'll have to wait and see - samples are in the press and one is growing in a pot to see if it sets viable seed.

You can just see a Lizard's tail here as it disappears before the photograph could be taken:
The rocky peak we climbed to didn't have any of the things previously recorded quite a long time ago but did have this on the rock face which wasn't much in evidence in the moor around. 
Crowberry, Creiglusen or Empetrum nigrum
Getting up was just a slog - getting down again more difficult - hence the tweet. 
And the valley we descended to was great - deserves a visit later in the year. Barbara went off to investigate a rock on the side of the valley which clearly had flowers on it - turned out to be Wood Anemone and a host of good associates including:
Orpine, Canewin or Sedum telephium
(And you can see Betony leaves by it.)

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