Saturday, May 04, 2019

Meadow Saxifrage week

The searches were for Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage but what we got was the equally welcome Meadow Saxifrage. The areas we were searching were increasingly long-shots for the first but my feeling hat they might be good sites generally was bourn out.

My first visit was to the banks of the Mellte south of Ystradfellte where the Water Avens was in full display:
Water Avens, Mapgoll glan y dŵr or Geum rivale

The Meadow Saxifrage we saw this week was only just coming into flower - this being the "most open" at the Mellte.
Meadow Saxifrage, Tormaen y gweunydd or Saxifraga granulata 

But no Alternate-leaved (plenty of Opposite-leaved) Golden Saxifrage in this side stream.

Then we saw more Meadow Saxifrage - just coming into flower on the banks of the Irfon near Builth.
The Water Avens here was abundant (Sue's picture):

It was a lovely site with plenty to record. (And a great spot for lunch.)

Meadow Saxifrage showing the lower leaves (Sue's picture).

Exploring the banks.

Yellow Archangel, Marddanhadlen felen or Lamiastrum galeobdolon (Sue's picture)

Then on Friday I walked the path up to Slwch Tump at Brecon which I had never done before, gathering quite a few records on the way...

Navelwort, Penny-pies, Wall Pennywort, Deilen gron or Umbilicus rupestris

 Addendum - Meadow Saxifrage at its best:
(Mid-May at Hay-on-Wye).

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