Sunday, June 09, 2019

Busy Times

Three outings in a week. First to common land above Talgarth to get explore an area not looked at for Brecon Botany for a while and where we soon saw:
Ivy-leaved Crowfoot, Crafanc-y-frân dail eiddew or Ranunculus hederaceus
- which we see much less than Round-leaved Crowfoot here. This was the one that inhabited this area though.

Also near where we parked as this Birch which had all the hallmarks of Betula celtiberica (now Betula pubescens subspecies celtiberica I believe).

The older members of the party took the easier route to the headwaters of the Rhiangoll, crossing over a low part of the Dragon's Back, but young Steph offered to take a look higher up and found this on rocks.
Hairy Rock-cress, Berwr-y-cerrig blewog or Arabis hirsuta
- the first record for this 10km square since Shiela Leitch found it not far away at a similar height in 1972.


Then some explorations near the Wye at Newbridge with Ray Woods where we saw another water-crowfoot in a quiet bend in the river.
Common Water-crowfoot, Crafanc-y-frân y dŵr or Ranunculus aquatilis

Ray took us to see the Stone Bramble that grows in a wood there.
Stone Bramble, Corfiaren or Rubus saxatilis


Finally to a section of the A40 - or the paths and streams either side of it between Trecastle and Halfway. I had just had a report of a splendid display of Pyrenean Lilies just by the road so we had to check that out.

Pyrenean Lily, Lili ddrewllyd or Lilium pyrenaicum
Obviously not native but equally obviously happy in their new home.

The Honeysuckle could be quite rampant.
Honeysuckle, Gwyddfid or Lonicera periclymenum

Needless to say a lot of records were made - many of them being plants that haven't been recorded for some time in the areas we visited.

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