Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Summary

Llangorse - the second day of BSBI Plant Families course where participants were asked to work out which family the many plants that grow there belonged to - this one was tricky:
Common Meadow-rue, Arianllys or Thalictrum flavum

Then some explorations at the edge of the SENTA range to find some Atlas targets including:
White Sedge, Hesgen benwen or Carex canescens
This was right by the tree we selected for lunch after some searching of delightful spring flushes abundant with:
Marsh St John's-wort, Eurinllys y gors or Hypericum elodes
- not really flowering yet but on the verge - a picture of the flower from somewhere else:
Later we found:
Common Butterwort, Tafod y gors or Pinguicula vulgaris
- and driving home traffic lights at roadworks stopped me right by:
Agrimony, Llysiau’r dryw or Agrimonia eupatoria 

Then an exporation in and around Traeth Mawr near the Visitor Centre for various missing species. All pictures from Arlene as I didn't take any: (These were not necessarily missing species for the Atlas - just worth a photo!)

Lesser Water-plantain, Llyriad-y-dŵr bach or Baldellia ranunculoides
(In more places than I remember from before)

Bog Pimpernel, Gwlyddyn-Mair y gors or Anagallis tenella
This was one we particularly wanted as yet to be recorded for the area since 2000 - found exactly where previously recorded and there was plenty in the lane.
Black Bryony, Cwlwm y coed or Tamus communis

Cross-leaved Heath, Grug croesddail or Erica tetralix

Shoreweed, Beistonnell ferllyn or Littorella uniflora

Creeping Willow, Corhelygen or Salix repens

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