Saturday, April 16, 2005

Driving round the country

Just the time for the Leucojum aestivum on the River Loddon and also for Pasqueflowers in Gloucestershire. So down the M4 to Reading, long walks on the wrong banks (initially) of the Lodden and then finally some good photographing of the local wild population of these native British flowers.

The "wrong banks" were spoilt by huge works I think for the benefit of fishermen - grrr....

A quick sarnie in the car and off to a site north of Cirencester for Pasqueflowers. Well worth it but this is not my style. I much prefer to drive to somewhere I know better and which is closer to home and spend most of the day in botanical searches - or even just enjoying being out and up on the hills etc.

Another rant - aren't the garden forms of Narcissus in all their gaudiness destroying our springtime road verges ? No problem when they are a massed, subdued variety of course - try the old bit of the "M4" (whatever it now is called) between the old Severn Bridge and Magor.

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