Friday, April 08, 2005


The season is definitely under way now, and with a much more informed strategy, new species gathering thick and fast.

Mousetail is now pretty rare on a UK wide basis but still has a "stronghold" in West Sedge Moor in Somerset. I found it after walking along one of the main droves a mile or so, but even prepared in a way for what to look for it took a while to spot - very easily confused with grass at a distance but far from similar close up.

Smaller than I imagined and a plant with a delicate beauty. It seems to depend here on "big tractors" to make the mud ridges that form its habitat. I don't like this as a strategy for survival - who knows what the next agricultural developments will be in an area like this and will they suit ?

West Sedge Moor is a peaceful haven to enjoy for it's own tranquil beauty - even at this time of year. Was that a pair of skylarks I heard and enjoyed watching tumbling this early ?

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