Sunday, July 21, 2013

A hot week

... So several small excursions and one attempt at a major one !

I started the week with a quick check of an RVNR (Roadside Verge nature Reserve) for its volunteer - mainly to help with grasses which meant a full bag of specimens and a session with the books and lens / microscope when I got back as my grass identification isn't that instant yet. It was nice to see Wild Basil flowering there (near Bwlch):

It wasn't far from there to a known Brecon site for Dwarf Elder so I called in to see this:

Remember, this is something to watch out for in your local lanes.

Then I went to Berthlwyd Farm - the site of Brecon's Coronation meadow and not generally open to the public - where I spent an enjoyable morning in a damp meadow with a wealth of interesting species but no Globeflower that I could find. This might well be somewhere on the farm though and has been seen in the past. We are hoping to arrange a recording day there next year. It was good to see Sedum telephium, Orpine in a hedgerow there:

Not flowering yet but an unmistakeable stately plant.

Then on Friday, Andy Jones - rare plant expert at [what was CCW] - came along to Llangors Lake with me to see and check the Juncus compressus, Round-fruited rush that grows near Llangasty:

There was Ivy-leaved duckweed there also - a first for me:

Lemna trisulca

...and the grass sward along the lake side was carpeted with the Creeping-jenny, Lysimachia nummularia that I featured last week. There was plenty of interest here for our meeting in August.

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