Friday, July 26, 2013

This and that

The orchid verge on the A438 near Brecon is probably quite well known now - and the display of Common spotted orchids has been impressive even from a passing car again this year - but how many have stopped (parking carefully) to visit the Marsh Hellborines?

They were looking perfect last Tuesday as I did my stint recording this verge for the RVNR scheme. The ground was superficially quite parched but I imagine there must be ground water available in the bank for them to cope with this situation so well:

Epipactis palustris, Marsh Helleborine by the A438

There is true Wild Parsnip on the opposite verge also:

Pastinaca sativa, Wild Parsnip - also on the A438

Then on Wednesday I revisited the area of one of my first blog posts this year when Paul Green helped me find (well found) the only known population of Cornish Moneywort in Brecknockshire:

A tiny flower but worth seeing. Sibthorpia europaea, Cornish Moneywort.

The area was quite interesting for other species also - with the tiniest examples of Lesser Skullcap I have ever seen:

Scutellaria minor, Lesser Skullcap
Bog Asphodel nearby
And Sundew in flower.

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