Friday, August 30, 2013

Pottering about

A week of minor activities. Cantref Pond was interesting - it needs some management which is why the residents who co-own it wanted advice from Brecknock Wildlife Trust but the flora is an odd mixture. The pond is old (on 1800's maps) but has presumably been through some changes of management style over the years.

 Steph examining the fauna
 Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani, Grey Club-rush (probably)
A water scorpion

The botanical survey revealed Lemna trisulca amongst a small variety of water plants and also the Schoenoplectus species pictured above that hadn't read the book and hence is a little uncertain. Probably as labelled though.

On Tuesday Steph and I visited several RVNRs looking for their notable species (and finding all but an elusive Hairy Saint John's Wort). We then popped into Llangasty to brush up on Persicarias - resulting in some updated pictures for last week's blog.

And then on Wednesday I "popped" into Allt Rhongyr Nature Reserve to be treated to a really good display from over 100 Autumn Gentians:

(And see picture at the head of this post.)

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