Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mainly wet places

Here are two more pictures from Traeth Mawr the week before. Thanks to Joan Millard for these !

Three short site visits this week. On Monday I went to the tip of Llangors lake where the Llnfi flows in and saw an abundance of good marginal plants. One was Golden Dock:

Scutellaria galericulata, Skullcap was also abundant but that has been featured here already...

I went to Traeth Bach on Tuesday to see if I could add to the previous Thursday's records from this smaller mire in the same 1km square as Traeth Mawr. So it was good to find Ragged Robin which we hadn't seen the week before as well as very abundant Marsh Cinquefoil at this site and a few other extras. So it was well worth exploring and getting a feel for this area.

I came across one of the springs that feed the bog and filmed it:

Then today, in view of the weather forecast I decided to stay close to home and went up to a site just under Hay Bluff where Pillwort has been recorded in the past. I found three pools with varying amounts of this strange little fern - one of them more lush with it than I have seen before:

The light green sward is Pillwort

In this close up you can just see in the background a leaf unfurling in characteristic fern style...

Other highlights included:

Common heather abundant in less grazed grass

and Lesser Skullcap amongst the Gorse

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