Friday, August 01, 2014

Brambles, Roads and Car Parks

I spent three days in North Wales on a Brambles Course last weekend. They are now slightly less of a mystery than they were but I'm only starting on a difficult road if I am going to get to recognise easily even the more common of about 500 species !

Rubus ulmifolius - the only sexually active species and quite common
(one I ought to get familiar with)

I have many more pictures from this course on but won't burden this blog with any more!

On Wednesday the group (well two of us) went along to help Steph record a long Road Verge Nature Reserve near Henrhyd Falls. While waiting at our rendezvous in Brecon at the BBNP Car Park (police Car park also) I noticed a good stand of the newly named Knapweed I featured last week. So anyone who wants to examine this species can go along and see it easily there...

Slender Knapweed, Centaurea debeauxii at the at the BBNP Car Park in Brecon

At the roadside near Henrhyd we found many interesting things including:

Common Hemp-nettle or Y benboeth, Galeopsis tetrahit
Zigzag Clover or Meillionen igam-ogam, Trifolium medium
Beech Fern or Rhedynen gorniog, Phegopteris connectilis

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