Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pant y Llyn

We went to Pant y Llyn south of Builth Wells last week and recorded a good number of species, many as confirmation that plants last recorded in the 1990s are still there. This is a great bit of Mid-Wales landscape and well worth walking around at this time of year. The more interesting species are in the boggy pools above the lake itself.

We did record one species that hadn't been recorded here before and that was Crassula helmsii, featured in this blog recently and now the dominant mat around most of the shore of this lake. Definitely not good news.
Pant y Llyn with pools and boggy ground above

New Zealand Pigmyweed or Corchwyn Seland Newydd, Crassula helmsii

Heather above the bracken

Cwmhyndda was the outflow valley from the lake (but now there are two outflows due to damming of the lake).

And Gorse above the bracken at Cwmhynnda
The only botanical picture I took was this:
Equal-leaved Knotgrass or Y canclwm manddail, Polygonum arenastrum

And this is the little alien species still adorning the pavement outside my house:
Malling Toadflax or Trwyn-y-llo Caint, Chaenorhinum origanifolium

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