Monday, October 27, 2014


Three of us set out from Talgarth last week to try out a walk for the Walking Festival next May.

The aim is a circular walk along the railway line (as was) to Trefecca, up the hill to the reserve and back via the paths direct to Talgarth. We used the lanes to get to Trefecca as permission to go on the railway line isn't yet sorted.

On the way we found a damp meadow with many little "potato-like" plants that turned out to be Black Nightshade that was recovering from being mown. (There were several other interesting species there as well.)
Black Nightshade or Codwarth du, Solanum nigrum

Then we passed a wayside Aster making quite a show:
Narrow-leaved Michaelmas-daisy or Blodyn-Mihangel culddail, Aster lanceolatus (probably...)

And so we made our way up the field paths, past a Long Cairn (Penyrwrlodd Long Cairn thought to be about 4000BC). and onto a hollow lane that led us to the reserve.

Trewalkin meadow - not at its most photogenic time but should be a good show in May for the Walking Festival

We were able to make quite a few records in the woodland though and found the Wood spurge I had previously missed there:
Wood Spurge or Llaethlys y coed, Euphorbia amygdaloides

There was also a big patch of Cow-wheat and many many Sanicle leaves around the woodland.

Sue even found the remains of the Wood spurge inflorescence...
The route back took us onto the old A479 down to Talgarth past Talgarth Camp / Hillfort - there should be some great views in May.

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