Friday, July 28, 2017

A wet day in a wet meadow

We got a good list and the meadow near Crai was distinctively different in the mix we saw but I was lucky to get back with my records still discernible on the cards.

Actually it did get quite nice after lunch and the cards dried out in the sun.

Sue valiantly took pictures of all the interesting things we saw even when it was miserable so the main credit for this blog goes to her.

Our route to the field was via the old railway line where this old aqueduct was still standing - with a Birch growing in it:

The gate to the field looked old enough to date from the railway era and encrusted with interesting lichens:

And we saw our first Common Toadflax of the year right next to the old line - it seems to like rail or road travel and I saw plenty on the A40 near Crickhowell the next day.
Common Toadflax, Llin y llyffant or Linaria vulgaris

After lunch the view improved.

There were Bulrushes on the old railway path - one of several wet ground specialists we saw along it.
Bulrush, Cynffon y gath or Typha latifolia

And from the field Sundew fruiting:
Round-leaved Sundew, Gwlithlys or Drosera rotundifolia

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