Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wet limestone

We managed to find the place in Brecknock that had rain all day and surprisingly low temperatures last Saturday but nonetheless it was rewarding on south Brecknock limestone.

One species we don't often see was only just opening its flowers so I took a small sample home to check and photographed the flower next day:
Knotted Pearlwort, Corwlyddyn clymog or Sagina nodosa

And another test for my ID skills was:
Limestone Bedstraw, Briwydd y calch or Galium sterneri

There were several Nodding or Musk Thistles including this barely opened one looking very pretty
Musk Thistle, Ysgallen bendrom or Carduus nutans

And a white patch of Thyme had us intially stumped:
Wild Thyme, Teim gwyllt or Thymus polytrichus

Carline Thistles were everywhere.
Carline Thistle, Ysgallen Siarl or Carlina vulgaris

The grazed common was quite superior with abundant Heather and Ling
Cross-leaved Heath, Grug croesddail or Erica tetralix

Thanks to Sue for most of the pictures.

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