Monday, March 18, 2019

A Quick Look at the Wye

A quick trip yesterday to the Wye at the Warren near Hay to see if Moschatel (Town-Hall Clock) was yet findable there.

The river was higher than I have seen it after this week's rain but we are lucky here that the river still has quite extensive areas to expand into upstream without serious problems usually occurring.

I found the Moschatel at two sites - one of them nearly underwater on the bank:
Moschatel, Mwsglys or Adoxa moschatellina
(The nearly drowned example.)

Other good things to see as well - spring has arrived in Hay...
Primrose, Briallen or Primula vulgaris

Sweet Violet, Fioled bêr or Viola odorata

Early Dog-violet, Fioled y coed or Viola reichenbachiana

All phone pics so not usual standard...

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