Friday, March 29, 2019

The Wye Valley Walk

But first - the Little Mouse-ear, new to the County in a Hay Car Park, has flowered:
Little Mouse-ear, Clust-y-llygoden fach or Cerastium semidecandrum

It's an annual that likes exposed habitats and obviously likes this rough slope at the edge of an access road to the farther part of the car park. How it got to Hay originally (and when) are unknown but Ray Woods found it last year. It really is very little and no doubt a few people were puzzled as to what I could be photographing.


So five of us parked on a common near the Wye and walked to a wood on the Wye bank (with landowner permission). The Wye Valley walk passes along the Wye there so we took it north up to the first encounter with a public road and then looped back to the cars. It made a great walk in lovely weather and we recorded 130 different species despite it being too early for many to be visible and others being too small for any of us to be sure what they were...

Right by the cars were several clumps of this:
Italian Lords-and-Ladies, Pidyn-y-gog Eidalaidd or Arum italicum 

Not native around here at all but happily established now.

Great to see:
Primrose, Briallen or Primula vulgaris 

Dog's Mercury, Bresychen y cŵn or Mercurialis perennis 

But we got to the wood eventually:

Among the many delights:
Marsh-marigold, Gold y gors or Caltha palustris 

An old Oak in a field on the way back:

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