Saturday, May 13, 2017

Back by the Nant Sere

Last August when we visited this woodland in Cwm Sere we could not access the Nant Sere stream or the meadows nearer it because of the dense bracken on the route we took so we returned early this year to have a further look.

The Meadow Thistles were small but delightfully furry and discretely barbed:
Meadow Thistle, Ysgallen y ddôl or Cirsium dissectum

We got the stream quite easily this time - through carpets of Bluebells and enjoyed lunch by it with this solitary Great Horsetail nearby:
Great Horsetail, Marchrawnen fawr or Equisetum telmateia and lunch

Bluebell, Clychau’r gog or Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Picture: Sue

We saw several good patches of Beech Fern
Beech Fern, Rhedynen gorniog or Phegopteris connectilis

The participants - quite a crowd for Brecknock Botany!
On the way in
and again
Pictures: Sue

On our way back we encountered a very tall Crab Apple
Crab Apple, Coeden afalau surion or Malus sylvestris

Out onto the common again...

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