Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Revisiting Buckland Hill

Our outing last week ended with this tree hug. Nearly 7m girth we decided for this pollarded Sweet Chestnut on an old boundary in the now-forested area of the hill we were re-visiting after a late October look last year.

It was a day for reminding ourselves about species distinctions that were rather hazy (in at least my mind) after the long winter and late spring.

Lunch near a patch of Slender Parsley-piert.

We saw:
Heath Milkwort, Amlaethai’r waun or Polygala serpyllifolia
Much of it pure white (a new experience for some in the group) or very light blue as above.

Spanish Bluebell, Clychau’r-gog Sbaenaidd or Hyacinthoides hispanica
- a white example.

And the area being much planted for wood not a total surprise to find a display of Douglas Fir cones and "flowers".
Douglas Fir, Ffynidwydden Douglas or Pseudotsuga menziesii

On the way back along a forest ride we saw these two Speedwells beside each other - set up for a compare and contrast session...
Heath Speedwell, Rhwyddlwyn meddygol or Veronica officinalis
Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Rhwyddlwyn dail teim or Veronica serpyllifolia

And getting back near the cars we found the magnificent Chestnut:
Sweet Chestnut, Castanwydden bêr or Castanea sativa

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