Thursday, May 25, 2017

Out on the Western Fringes and Other Places

It's a quick digest with mainly pictures again!

One theme though is our repeated encounters with flowers that seem to be relishing this spring.

Just in the Range

We ventured into the SENTA range again (always with permission) but for operational reasons had to cancel our intended wet meadow and substituted a deep stream gorge. It was very productive botanically and it made our shortest walk for some time. Several hours of effort clocked up less reported activity on my Smartphone than a walk to the shops in Hay, This wasn't true...
Water Avens, Mapgoll glan y dŵr or Geum rivale

Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Rhwyddlwyn dail teim or Veronica serpyllifolia

Henallt Common

An early visit to fill the list of this botanically rich gem just above Hay.
Hairy Lady's-mantle, or Alchemilla filicaulis subsp. vestita

The displays of Sanicle were enchanting

Sanicle, Clust yr arth or Sanicula europaea

Pont ar Wysg

A long walk right on the border with Carmarthenshire just south of the Usk Reservoir.
Colt's-foot, Carn yr ebol or Tussilago farfara

Barbara told is these are static "houses" for a type of Caddisfly - abundant in the Nant Tarw

An old sheepfold that furnished one fern record to add to the list.

And on the journey back great Bluebell displays.
Bluebell, Clychau’r gog or Hyacinthoides non-scripta

More pictures from Sue and Paula of the day

Round-leaved Sundew, Gwlithlys or Drosera rotundifolia

Water-milfoil and Fool's water-cress in the Tarw
The only tree we recorded in one of the 1km squares (a Hawthorn)

And Marsh Violet on the way back to the car - another flower we have been seeing practically every outing this spring.

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