Friday, May 25, 2018

Good displays

The "ordinary" flowers are putting on a good show this year (fighting back from the late start ?) so this blog will mainly feature well known plants and flowers.

At the beginning of the week a few of us met on the SENTA range to discuss management of a good wet meadow near the edge of the range. I took the opportunity to extend my, already started, list for them.

This was everywhere:
Bugle, Glesyn y coed or Ajuga reptans

And Marsh Marigold had several good patches:
Marsh-marigold, Gold y gors or Caltha palustris

But most of the good species on my, now very long, list will not be making a display until later. The meadows should prosper with some benign grazing management and, dare I say it, the occasional; disturbances from training on the range. It already has a wide variety of conditions - from bouncy bog to 'dry with anthills' and the occasional man-made trenches just enhance that.


Then later in the week I went to the border again - the longest round trip for recording in Brecknock I think I have yet done - to the Llyn Brianne area.
It wasn't a long list there and the picture sums up some of the recording. But I did make several walks down to the lake edge (basically wherever possible) and hence got some pictures of the great scenery.

As for the flower displays - here is a first for this blog I think:
Daisy, Llygad y dydd or Bellis perennis 

And we normally find this hiding somewhat in moorland:
Tormentil, Tresgl y moch or Potentilla erecta 

Green-ribbed Sedge, Hesgen ddeulasnod or Carex binervis 

At a headland a nice display from a Scot's Pine:
Scots Pine, Pinwydden yr Alban or Pinus sylvestris

And young Larch cones nearby:
Hybrid Larch, Llarwydden or Larix x marschlinsii

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carolyn Thibideau said...

Beautiful pictures, John